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Pierre Garcon, Body Shamer and Bully?

Pierre Garcon Instagram Screen Shot of Bullying 2

Is Pierre Garcon a body shamer and a bully? He posted this photo on his Instagram account with the message, “With my WOES.” The context of his message wasn’t clear to me, or other social media users. Before being deleted the…
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Hoover (TTI Floor Care)| A Company You Can’t Trust

Earlier this year (March 3, 2014) I bought a new Hoover  (also known as TTI Floor Care) vacuum Model # UH70820 from Target. I should have returned it at the first sign of trouble. Immediately out of the box the motor made a humming…
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Janay Rice’s Story, It’s Not Our Story To Tell


It’s hard to ignore all the media around Ray & Janay Rice and I rarely feel encouraged by social media to blog, mostly because I don’t want to come off as using someone else’s struggle for blog hits. I don’t…
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Comcast, The Cult That Never Lets Go


I’ve given Comcast a fair opportunity to correct their error before blasting them on my blog. Really, I’ve been more than fair and patient. At this point they have stalked me well beyond my comfort zone and I’ve run out…
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