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New Years

2013 Recap, Awards, Resolutions, and a Happy New Year!

2014 Happy New Year

Where did 2013 go?! My girls are 9 and 2 and I’m getting closer and closer to my dreaded 30th Birthday. 2014 will be my last year in the blissful youth of my 20’s. In 2015 I will say goodbye…
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Topic Spill| Recap 2012 With Rewind Youtube Style

I’m sure most of you have already seen this video but just in case you haven’t I decided to share it here. I doubt I’ve mentioned it before but youngest daughter’s first favorite song was Gangnam Style. Watching her reaction…
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New Year’s Resolution Generator

Are you having a hard time thinking up a New Year’s Resolution for 2013? Try this handy little generator. Here’s one I think I can commit to: Thanks to for the resolution!

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