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Why Do Atheists Celebrate “Easter” And What Do They Teach Their Children?

Kiablo Easter

This is yours truly one Easter.  The tear was because I absolutely hated this ridiculous outfit and sincerely didn’t want to wear it. I suppose to really understand the question about why atheists celebrate any holiday you would first have…
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Follow Up Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are aren’t a LIE!

Marbled Eggs DIY

If you haven’t already you should really check out my original blog on this subject: Fail Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are a LIE!. After thinking about how the original blogger spread misinformation about how to properly do this DIY…
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Target Easter Formal Wear Toddler Boys’ Collection| Trendy or Try Hard?

Toddler Boys Easter Formal Wear

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your day is going well. Today’s collections features Toddler boys’ Easter formal wear. All products are currently available. Please check out to purchase these fashion collections. This blog is part of my Trendy or…
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Fail Blog| DIY Marbled Easter Eggs| The directions are a LIE!

Marbled Easter Eggs Failed DIY Project

So I’m sure by now you have seen the directions on Pinterest and Facebook for “DIY Marbled Easter Eggs”. They are posted with a beautiful picture and the following directions: 1)Spread cheap white shaving cream on a cookie sheet. 2)Apply…
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