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Seamingly Sweet Creation’s No Fail Fudge Recipe

Seamingly Sweet Creations Fudge

If you hate baking don’t worry, you can always hire our friends at Seamingly Sweet Creations to make this for you. We have been fortunate enough to have access to their secret recipe for a few years now and as…
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Homemade Christmas Ornaments Recipe| Salt Dough Recipe

Salt Dough Ornaments

Happy holidays everyone! This season I’m going to try to put up several holiday themed blogs. The first topic will be how to make homemade ornaments. This method is a salt dough recipe. Part One| Making the Dough Ingredients: 1…
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Christmas Quick Tip – Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

It may be a few weeks early but this should help you save time this Christmas. Boiling Process brought to you by Seamingly Sweet Creations: – Put water in your pot. – Add white vinegar and salt to the water….
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