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Quick Tips| DIY Pringles Can Spaghetti Holder

DIY Pringles Spaghetti Can Holder

Did you know that a Pringles can is the perfect height for storing your spaghetti noodles? Here’s a simple DIY tutorial to help you upcycle your Pringles can. Simply wrap the Pringles can with paper, tape the paper to the…
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Quick Tip| How To Be Tolerant (3 Steps)

Topic Spill DIY Sleepy Owl Avatar Logo

Look, we are all adults; you don’t have to like everyone. That being said your displeasure for other people should not be an excuse to act ugly. If you seriously want to improve yourself learning how to be tolerant would…
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Quick Tip| Toddlers and Stickers

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Emiliablo started the Terrible Two’s around 18 months. Ever since then we have been looking for innovative ways to occupy her short attention span. I don’t recall where I read about it someone posted about letting her toddler use stickers…
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Quick Tip| No Nail Polish Remover? No Problem!

Black Tip French Manicure

Are you looking for a quick and easy DIY nail polish remover? Check out this quick tip on how to remove nail polish without any nail polish remover!

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