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Quick Tip| Teaching Your Toddler Their ABC’s

ABC Tree

Quick Tip: Turn the ABC song into a nursery rhyme and sing it to your infant as part of your bedtime routine. When Emiliablo was a baby Diablo did something wonderful. As part of her bedtime routine he started singing…
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Mom Blog|Life Lesson #101 “The Death Of A Stingray”

Stingray Myrtle Beach SC Without Barb 2

Just because we were vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of opportunities for life lessons. One afternoon after enjoying a nice lunch at 2nd Ave Pier we decided to stroll down the pier. Walking down the…
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Mom Blog| The Mommy Sandwich Recipe

The Mommy Sandwhich

The Mommy Sandwich is my realization that I need to pick my battles when raising our toddler.

Mom Blog| Let Your Kids Play In the Street; Unsupervised Of Course

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When in doubt Let Your Kids Play In the Street; Unsupervised Of Course. What could possibly go wrong?

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