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Mom Blog| Raising Two Skeptics During Christmas

A personal blog about how and why two atheists are teaching their children to use critical thinking skills during Christmas. In this blog I detail how raising your children to believe in Santa Claus hinders their personal development.

Mom Blog| B Is For…

B is for

If your answer was bird you would be wrong. The ABC Song By Kids Games Club is actually one of my preferred free apps for Emiliablo on the Ipod but I think someone botched this portion of the game. As a two year old…
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Life Lesson 102|When Life Gives You Crabs

Myrtle Beach SC Crab

When life gives you crabs make crab cake! Or use it as another opportunity to teach your children about the facts of life. It’s been awhile since I told you the story about Miablo and the death of a stingray….
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Mom Blog|Toddlers, Naps, and The Beach “Oh My”

George Takei's book, Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)

When vacationing your toddler doesn’t understand that it’s a vacation and you want to pack as much fun as possible into your time on the beach. She still needs to follow her sleep routine as closely as possible. But how…
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