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No More Hornets: Horton Hears an Evangelical

Good morning. I thought you all might enjoy this post by┬áNo More Hornets: Horton Hears an Evangelical. I stumbled on this a few years ago and while I enjoyed it isn’t my own. In a place known as Whoville the…
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WARNING! What I Know About Your Family From Your Car.

Today’s word of the day is, “predator”. It truly amazes me that in today’s society so many people take that word for granted. How often to you see an Amber Alert? How many stories are on the news about missing…
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Meet Charlotte the spider who wants to invade my home!

This is Charlotte. She resides on my patio where the man of the house insist that she be allowed to stay. She looks rather menacing doesn’t she? The man of the house insist she’s some form of garden spider who…
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