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Mom Blog| B Is For…

B is for

If your answer was bird you would be wrong. The ABC Song By Kids Games Club is actually one of my preferred free apps for Emiliablo on the Ipod but I think someone botched this portion of the game. As a two year old…
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May The Peace Be With You

May The Peace Be With You

While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC I ran in to these Star Wars Peace Pipes in a souvenir shop. I’m not a smoker but I appreciated the craftsmanship and detail in these Star Wars peace pipes. I thought I would be…
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It’s My Car I’ll Do What I Want To!

License Plate Car

Just a little ditty (short story) about my vacation. I wanted to chronicle my favorite images from my vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Mom Blog|I Accidentally Bought An Amputee

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Everyone knows that no girl is complete until she owns her very own amputee. But that isn’t even why I bought my amputee. He’s actually a little young for me so he’s really not mine. He belongs to Emiliablo. We…
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