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Domestic Violence Awareness

My Domestic Violence Story| Walkie Talkies


*WARNING* this blog post is about childhood domestic violence and abuse.  Like most young children of the late 80’s early 90’s my brother and I had walkie talkies. My brother and I didn’t share bedrooms so our walkie talkies were…
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My Domestic Violence Story|Battling Bullies and Domestic Violence

National Bully Prevention Month

*WARNING* this blog post is about childhood domestic violence and bullying.  I could say that my timing was off or maybe it’s ironic that I would have to suffer domestic violence and bullying at the same time. The truth of…
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My Domestic Violence Story|You’re Never There


I’m pretty sure Cake never intended for the song “Never There” to be related to a Father/Daughter relationship but that is what it has always symbolized for me. The song starts out with, “I need your arms around me. I need…
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October 2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Month: My Story’s Kickoff


October is national Domestic Violence Awareness month and though I’ve not been posting many blogs lately I’ve been writing several stories about my childhood. It’s hard to find the time to share such intimate stories publicly. Though my fan base…
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