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Pierre Garcon, Body Shamer and Bully?

Pierre Garcon Instagram Screen Shot of Bullying 2

Is Pierre Garcon a body shamer and a bully? He posted this photo on his Instagram account with the message, “With my WOES.” The context of his message wasn’t clear to me, or other social media users. Before being deleted the…
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Janay Rice’s Story, It’s Not Our Story To Tell


It’s hard to ignore all the media around Ray & Janay Rice and I rarely feel encouraged by social media to blog, mostly because I don’t want to come off as using someone else’s struggle for blog hits. I don’t…
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Texting And Driving; It Can Wait

On our way home from Myrtle Beach,SC we passed several accidents; some more serious than others. At one point traffic was at a stand still we would find out that it was due to roadwork. While in bumper to bumper…
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Mom Blog| If I Had a Son

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This is my response to Mrs. Hall’s seemingly well intended letter that’s failed to teach her sons a valuable lesson on personal accountability. I hope that she just forgot to cover that aspect in her letter but the way she…
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