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BZZAgent| Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

As a BZZAgent I was able to test out the brand new hand cream from Neutrogena, Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. I was sent a full size bottle of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream and several smaller trial sizes of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Original Hand Cream. This cream is suggested for dry and cracked skin and is not limited to use on your hands. It can be used on your elbows, knees, face, lips, and any where you experience dry skin. This hand cream is made in the US of domestic and foreign components.

What I noticed first about this hand cream is it’s thickness. I’ve noticed over the years that the thicker a lotion or conditioner is the better it usually works. This is the first sign that the product is not watered down. I appreciate companies like Neutrogena who don’t water down their products to save cost. Lotion is a product that I prefer quality over quantity. The good news is a little bit of this hand cream goes a long way. It may be concentrated and thick but that doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of it.

I’m a texture person so the next thing I noticed was the residual texture left behind after I applied this hand cream to my hands. I wouldn’t say it’s excessively greasy but it doesn’t completely absorb in to your skin right away. Because of this I could not use this as a hand lotion. I did enjoy applying it to the hang nails and my cracked cuticles. The texture doesn’t affect me on the top of my hand as I don’t notice the the residual greasiness.

I also tested this out on my elbows as they are constantly dry and cracked. I noticed something different about the texture when I applied it to my elbows. My elbows were so dry that I had to apply the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream twice. It absorbed very fast on my dry elbows. My elbows were like a sponge sucking up the hand cream! I experienced immediate relief on my elbows and enjoyed how moisturized they felt.

The Neutrogena Fragrance Free Norwegian Formula Hand Cream truly is fragrance free. I can’t detect a scent of anything at all. I prefer the fragrance free formula as I have a sensitivity to certain fragrances. The aroma of the Original formula is not very intense. It’s fairly mild as I could not smell it on my hand from about 6 inches away. I would consider the aroma to be a very mild perfume like scent. It is not a floral or organic scent.

The price of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream seems to vary between $3.99 at and $5.59 at Amazon currently has a two pack for $7.18. I think this is a fair price for the quality of this hand cream. It priced slightly lower than I thought it would. I thought the price point would be around $6.50-$7 for this hand cream so I was pleasantly surprised by the lower price point.

As long as you don’t use it in excess and waste the hand cream a 2 oz bottle should last a reasonable amount of time. For elbows I use a pea sized amount and this is plenty. For my cuticles and hang nails I use a mustard seed sized amount of lotion per finger.

This hand cream is not just for women as my fiance is using the Original formula as a hand lotion. The texture doesn’t bother him and he didn’t find it to be greasy once the hand cream was absorbed. He has been experiencing dry and cracked skin due to the colder weather and was thoroughly pleased with this hand cream.

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