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2013 Fantasy Football Draft Inquiry| Brandon Marshall VS AJ Green

Brandon Marshall VS AJ Green


I took last year off of playing fantasy football to focus on my blog and I really missed it. Playing fantasy football helps me keep up with the different players and teams. I felt lost watching football last year because I wasn’t following the fantasy leagues. Typically I play 2-4 fantasy leagues but this year I’ve decided to limit myself to one fantasy team. Because I’m focusing on one team I need to make the most of it. If I make a bad choice it’s going to be a long fantasy season.

This year I’m playing in a my first keeper league. I took over a spot from someone who dropped out and I’ve inherited a mess of a team! Of the players left I’m only keeping two. The problem is I don’t know who to pick! I can only keep one wide receiver and I have both AJ Green and Brandon Marshall. I did a quick Google search and according to 67% of the experts are picking AJ Green over Brandon Marshall.

But I’m just not sold. Unfortunately for me I’ve not followed Dalton’s career, I really know nothing about the guys passing game other than what I read at Rant Sports summarized this match up exactly how I see it. I polled my Twitter followers and @Dman7Hundley was kind enough to make a solid case for picking AJ Green. What do you guys think? Who is the better fantasy pick? I have until Saturday to make my final selections. Please help me pick a wide receiver for my fantasy league, Kicks Like a Girl.


  1. Mysterious Stranger

    I’d go with AJ Green, but what do I know? 😛

    1. IAMM3Z

      IDK Man … make your case! 😉

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