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100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

US Art Supply invited me to review their 100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set. Mega Set of 100 Long lasting and durable fine tip washable markers in vibrant and bold colors. Excellent for kids to use for writing, drawing, coloring and doodling. The vibrant inks do not smudge or bleed through most paper. Comes in a convenient organizer carrying case, so you can keep all your markers neatly organized and ready for use.

100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

This 100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set comes with 50 different color shades. There are two markers for each color. These markers have a wide shade variance within each color. For instance there are 8 blue tones. The shade variance starts at a very dark blue and ends in a light baby blue. Some of the blues have more green and some are more of a true blue. You can see this same variety in the purple, pinks, reds, greens, etc. The colors with the least amount of shade variance are yellow and orange. While there’s less variety in these two colors there’s still enough variety for our needs.

100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

These markers have a fine point tip. They are great for writing or fine details. We’ve not had any issues with the tips widening or fraying. These markers don’t bleed through standard paper. If you have thinner paper it might bleed. We buy our girls card-stock quality paper for their arts and crafts. These makers don’t bleed though card-stock quality. We do have some coloring books with thinner paper and while the color came though to the back of the page it didn’t bleed through to the pages behind it. Bleeding also depends on the child, if they hold the marker down in one spot excessively, like any marker, it will eventually bleed.

100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

These markers wash off hands easily. My toddler is notorious for getting more ink on her hands than on the paper. We’ve have no issues removing the ink from her hands. Luckily she’s not colored any surfaces so I’ve not had to test them in that regard!

100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

The only problem we’ve had with this set is with the handle on the carrying case. The handle had come unsnapped during shipping. It’s very easy to reassemble the handle but it has since come undone a few times. The plastic trays inside the carrying case really aren’t firm enough for repeat use with a toddler. I removed them from the case and I store the markers in the case loosely. The buttons on our case are firm and have not come loose or fallen off. That being said using the buttons isn’t as easy as it should be. I would like this better with Velcro buttons instead.

100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set

Great color variety
Wide shade variety
Quantity two of each color
Washable markers
Convenient storage and travel case
Fine tip

Carrying case handle comes loose
Storage trays aren’t firm
Buttons on the case are hard to snap closed

Ratings (Out of five stars):

Color Variety: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Shade Variance: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Tip Quality: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Washability: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Carrying Case Quality: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Ease of use and storage: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Value: gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25gold-star25

Overall rating:  33 out of 35 stars / 4.7 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this 100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set review. If you have tried out US Art Supply’s 100 Mega Count Washable Marker Set leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about it. If you would like submit your product for review and be featured in my blog please contact me by using my contact form. I received this product complimentary from U Art Supply  for quality testing purposes; all opinions expressed are my own.

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