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To help keep some continuity I’m going to start referencing my family member’s by their nicknames. If you are reading one of my blogs and can’t figure out who I’m referencing than just come to this page to get the details on them.

Kiablo- Mother and creator of Topic Spill.

Diablo- My husband, father of Emiliablo, and step father of Miablo.

Miablo- Our preteen emo princess. Also known as Super Kitty Hero Girl.

Emiliablo- Our toddler. Also known as The Baby.

Nana- Grandmother to Kiablo. Nana or Great Grandmother to Emiliabo and Miablo. Hero to all. Fighter against domestic violence.

Mr. Bojangles- Commonly known as Bobo. He’s my cat but he sometimes thinks Miablo is his human.

Isis- Isis is Diablo’s cat. Isis doesn’t have a preferred human. She will harass everyone who walks in the door for love.

Dexter- Dexter is the family’s Yorkie Poo dog.

Seven- Also known as Seven of Nine Lives. Kiablo’s Borg kitty.

Jiablo & Driablo – Previous eighborhood siblings who frequently played with Miablo. Jiablo was a classmate of Miablo.

Ciablo – Biological Father of Miablo and Ex of Kiablo.

I will routinely add new names of characters as they are presented in my blog.

Last Updated: 12/2/15

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