Chasing The Dragon| Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher Espresso High

Tina Belcher Coffee High Bob's Burgers

If you’re not a Bob’s Burgers fan than you probably missed out on the awesomeness that I’m calling the Tina Belcher Espresso High. Gone are the days when coffee or espresso made me feel the pure bless depicted in this episode. Watching this episode reminded me on the love affair coffee and I once had. It used to treat me so well. We had the best of times together. Anymore it only leaves me yearning for it’s love and it never leaves me satisfied. I’ve severely cut back on my caffeine intake hoping to one day catch the espresso dragon again but until then I’m left with this video to remind of what we once had together. I yearn for my next Tina Belcher Espresso High. My name is Kiablo and I’m addicted to caffeine.

Did I mention that I accept Starbucks gift cards in return for LOLs? You will be receiving my bill in 4-6 weeks.

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First and foremost I'm a mother of two girls; circa 2004 and 2011. My interest and passions vary which is why I choice the name Topic Spill. Some topics close to my heart are atheism, alcoholism, religious tolerance, domestic violence and equality (LGBT Rights). I consider myself to be fairly liberal and support causes that promote social fairness for all classes. I'm probably just like many other parents but I also happen to be an atheist. I'm not a hardcore atheist who wants to eradicate religion for the world but I also don't think any religion has a right to impose itself on others. I fully support the freedom of religion that just so happens to also include supporting freedom from religion.

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