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Micro LED Lights DIY Projects

Micro LED Lights DIY Vase

RTGS Products invited me to review their Micro LED Lights in blue, green, red, and pink. I used these micro LED lights to create 4 easy DIY projects. I will share them each with you. First for you I have my stunning red Eiffel Tower lamp. This only took me about 20 minutes to do. All you need is an old lamp and the red micro LED lights by RTGS Products. Simply wind the micro LED lights around your lamp. That’s it! Instant one of a kind art. Second DIY project I have to share with you is this pink micro LED light vase. This one is even easier than the red Eiffel tower. All you have to have is vase and the pink micro LED lights by RTGS Products. Simply push the micro LED lights in to the vase and voila! This third DIY project is a green micro LED light mason jar. All you need is a mason…
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Stainless Steel French Press Review

Stainless Steel French Press 2

Cozyna invited me to review their 34 oz Stainless Steel French Press. I’ve been making my coffee with a French Press for a few years now. I was tired of disposable coffee filters!   I was previously using the Mr. Coffee French Press. The plastic around the plunger on my Mr. Coffee French Press had broken after about 9 months of use. Immediately after opening the Cozyna French Press I noticed how much sturdier the plastic on the plunger was. It doesn’t feel brittle like my Mr. Coffee French Press. It’s hard to tell the difference in quality by looking at the picture but the Cozyna is a superior plastic. This will be my third French Press. I’ve had one other Mr. Coffee that also broke in the same spot, that one was a rubberized plastic. I’ve also owned a French Press that the glass spontaneously shattered after a year of use….
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Easy-Folding Easel by US Art Supply Review

Easy-Folding Easel

US Art Supply invited me to review their Easy-Folding Easel. Their easels come in three sizes, 63″ heavy duty steel, 63″ standard steel and 14″ steel tabletop. This review feature’s their 63″ standard steel Easy-Folding Easel.   US Art Supply’s Easy-Folding Easel is pretty self explanatory. The legs basically assemble themselves. All you have to do is stretch them out and they pop together. This easel can support a wide range of poster sizes. Simply adjust the width of the legs to the desired spacing. This will hold small, medium, and large posters. I would say that it’s best suited for medium to large posters though. The arms on the legs that support the poster are adjustable. You can rotate them to make sure your poster has the proper support. They also fold up for easy storage. These arms will support a poster up to five pounds. The bottoms of the legs have non-slip…
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Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set Review

Dress Form painted with Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set

US Art Supply invited me to review their Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set. This US Art Supply’s Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set comes with 12 acrylic paint tubes. Each tube has 12ml of paint inside. They also have 6 tube & 24 tube acrylic paint sets. The above photo shows each color in the 12 tube kit.  Titanium White Lemon Yellow Yellow Ochre Vermilion Crimson Red Hooker’s Green Lamp Black Raw Umber Burnt Sienna Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Viridian I used US Art Supply’s Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set to paint an antique dress form. I really enjoyed using this acrylic paint. The colors mixed well. I wanted an antiqued look so I muted the colors with white. They are actually quite bold. For this project I used a 4 colors. I mixed Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White and Lemon Yellow to achieve each color featured in my dress form. Pros: Endless color options Quality paint…
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Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad Review

Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad

U.S. Art Supply invited me to review their 9″ x 12″ Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad. This premium manga-marker paper pad comes with 24-Sheets of manga-maker paper. The paper acid free, natural white, and 9″ x 12″. It’s designed for water and permanent makers, ink pens, and any pencil. Works well with any dry mixed medium. It has a high gloss finish to achieve a smooth finish. This paper will not bleed so it’s optimal for markers.   To test US Art Supply’s Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad I decided I would draw Ink Girl from Nintendo’s Splatoon. I initially sketched the image with Prismacolor pencils. The high gloss texture of this paper HATES erasers. The erasers will leave a nasty residue on the paper. I’ve not found a way around this. I was using various Prismacolor erasers. Once I got my sketch how I wanted it I used a combination of…
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Contouring Makeup Palette Review

Contouring Makeup Palette

Goege supplied me with their Contouring Makeup Palette. Contouring is makeup technique that helps provide symmetry to your face. All over foundation techniques hide the natural highlights and shadows of your complexion. By using contouring you can highlight your focal points. I recently read an article on Good Housekeeping about a beauty Vlogger who used Clown Contouring. You have to admit her blending is on point! Impressed with her technique, I decided to try Clown Contouring out for this review. My daughter was kind enough to be my test subject. Goege’s Contouring Makeup Palette comes in a sturdy plastic case. This Contouring Makeup Palette has 15 color selections. The shade variety is perfect for contouring. The makeup goes on very easily. I applied the makeup with a brush. I used a blending sponge to smooth out the lines. The lines blend very easily. There’s no cake finish or clumping. I applied a transparent matter powder to…
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